Thursday, June 25, 2020

Will Tenet Ever Come to Theaters? Will We?

Photo: Warner Brothers
Photo: Warner Brothers

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted! Has anything new happened? Oh, global pandemic? That sucks. Is this affecting movies? Oh, it is?

While this global pandemic has been ongoing, movie theaters have been shut down, and for good reason. But many believe that the world is ready to get back to normal and see a flick in the local movie house. The flick that has been leading the way: Tenet. This has been pushed to August 12, as of now.

After Christopher Nolan created the biggest superhero movie known to man, he has had a blank check to the Warner Brothers coffers, creating films like Inception or Interstellar that have broken the minds of audiences as well as yearly profit sheets. So, of course he is a big deal.

Nolan is also a big proponent of the movie theater experience as he has continued using physical film where his counterparts have not as well as advancing the IMAX experience so audiences can immerse themselves in the movie itself. As such, reports say, Nolan has been the biggest champion for releasing his upcoming film in theaters as a way of rejouvinating itself.

Sadly, it appears, the novel Coronavirus has different plans.

Reportedly, Nolan himself has pushed for the theatrical release plans in July to bolster the struggling theater industry. But as the release date for the film has been moved from July 17, to July 31, to now August 12, one has to wonder ... will this film be released?

But of course. Warner Brothers hasn't invested a trillion* dollars in Chris Nolan over the past twelve years to blow away a chance at a bunch of money. But does August 12 happen? Will it get pushed again to later that month? Maybe later in the year where Oscar fair usually pops up? 

Of course, here on June 25th, no one really knows what the world will look like in a month, or three months, or even really a year? 

Will we see Tenet before June 25, 2021? I'm sure of it. But based on the way things are now, I don't plan on heading back into a darkened movie theater full of questionable people and even more questionable recycled air any time soon. 

Am I an outlier? Perhaps. But at this time, I don't plan to find out how much I'm willing to pay either. And I presume I'm not the only one.

*Trillion: Insert the correct figure here

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