Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Finally Open for Business! Top Movies Delayed for Some Reason or Another

Photo: 20th Century Films
Photo: 20th Century Films

It's finally happening! At least I presume someone is excited about this weekend's release of the long-delayed The New Mutants from Josh Boone, said to be the final hurrah of Fox's X-Men continuity. The film was shot in summer of 2017 with a targeted release date of early 2018. In case you don't have a calendar handy, that was over two years ago with the delays blamed on test screenings, reshoots, studios changing hands, and of course, a global pandemic.  

So, in honor of this long-gestating piece of 2017 nostalgia, let's look at some other films that have fallen into the abyss of release date shuffles and burials.


Monday, August 24, 2020

Trouble on the 'Texas Chainsaw' Remake? Who Could've Seen.

Photo: Lionsgate Entertainment

This afternoon, I was surprised to see a news article about the directors of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot being replaced. As anyone, I promptly exclaimed "Jesus Christ, another one?"