Thursday, March 5, 2020

Theater Scum: The Way Onward

Photo: Warner Bros.
Quite a week for family-friendly films.


While I can’t say Pixar of late has impressed me, that’s fine as I’m not really the consumer they are looking for. Most of my kids are grown-ish and more interested in a Harley Quinn film than an animated family romp. That said, I love and appreciate Pixar for Up, Wall-E, and those Toy Story films that were heartfelt and had a great underlying message.

As such, I don’t really know what to think about Onward. It’s an original story which is certainly welcome and it maybe features a good lesson about the loss of family and coming to terms with that? But, that this film is being released in March, rather than in the middle of summer, doesn’t seem to indicate much faith in the film from Disney’s perspective. And the above trailer, even though it features top voice talent like Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, really seems like it short be an acclaimed Pixar short, rather than an endless feature film.

I’m more than happy to be wrong but this one seems like more of a Good Dinosaur rather than Toy Story 3.

The Way Back

Honestly, once I found out Gavin O’Connor was director of The Way Back, I was in. Not in enough to see it in the theaters probably, but it will definitely be a catch-on-HBO type of film. I loved Warrior and I hear Miracle is a good film as well so this is certainly within his wheelhouse of tear-jerker sports movies with heart and stuff.

This type of genre doesn’t typically excite me but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get me in the feels every time I see it. Considering his personal issues over the past few years, maybe this is the perfect type of project for Ben Affleck to take on as well. He has proven that he can excel in his craft given the right director, and I’m sure O’Connor is on that level.

You know what? Maybe I will see it in theaters after all.

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