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Random Movie: Child's Play (2019)

Photo: Orion Pictures 2019's Child’s Play is an odd duck in the remake world. We are all used to the blatant money-grab approach from studios to leverage existing properties for more money (see most of the Platinum Dunes remakes). Occasionally, you’ll even have a long dormant franchise that gets new legs from a big name promising a new take (like the upcoming Candyman or Spiral: From the Book of Saw ).

Let's Go Down the Rabbit Hole of Recut Trailers

Photo: 20th Century Fox With the news this week that Macaulay Culkin will be joining the upcoming season of American Horror Story , I thought about Big Mac’s films throughout the year and how horror-adjacent many of them are.

Damn, This 'Candyman' Trailer is Sweet

Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer The early 1990s were not a great time in the horror genre as the big slasher franchises had mostly run their course and the new teenage wave starting with Scream were still a few years away. Arguably, the biggest film to come from this barren time is 1992's Candyman , a smart and socially relevant tale with more heft than your later Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th installments.

Random Movie: Hollow Man (2000)

Photo: Sony/Columbia Pictures Short of the 1930s adaptation of H.G. Well’s novel The Invisible Man, I can’t really think of any other version or variant that is renowned or even good. While Paul Verhoeven ’s Hollow Man takes some interesting approaches, I can’t give it more than mediocre with a few flourishes here and there. Perhaps this week’s The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell can strike a better balance.

20th Century Fox is Dead. Long Live 20th Century Fox!

Not Fox News though. That can rot in hell.

Theater Scum: Call of the Brahms

Photo: STX Entertainment A fake boy and a fake dog? Interesting theme this week at the box office.

1440 Entertainment: The Leader in Direct-to-Video Sequels No One Asked For

  Photo: Universal As I am wont to do, while on a recent excursion to my local Wal-Mart for some mundane item like socks or cat food, I wandered back into the electronics area, specifically to the DVDs. While I am many years removed from my bad habits of blind buying movies that I might have a passing interest in, I still like to peruse the new and new-ish releases for anything that catches my eye. On a recent trip, that title was Bulletproof 2.

Jesus, Another 'Texas Chainsaw' Movie?

New reports indicate that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is still alive ... for some reason.

Random Movie: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Photo: Paramount The Terminator series continues to prove itself as a tough nut to crack. Of course, that’s not for a lack of trying. After James Cameron’s acclaimed Terminator 2 in 1991, additional films ranging from ‘meh’ to ‘eh’ have tried to continue the franchise by either shamelessly aping the original , creating an arrid and boring futuristic hellscape , or by including Nick Stahl . Suffice to say, none of these films inspired much confidence in the future of the series.

Theater Scum: A Venom is Born

Two weeks from Halloween opening. We can do it, guys.

Random Movie: Chopping Mall (1986)

Even having seen the VHS cover for Chopping Mall more times than I can count, I never got around to this time capsule of 80s high-concept “horror” movies. No one will confuse Chopping Mall with high-art but it is a solid movie from its era that will make you wonder why they never made Chopping Mall 2 .

Random Movie: Curvature (2017)

One of the key elements of a good mystery is immersion. It trumps a decent plot and interesting characters because the thrills are derived from a seemingly shared experience. As long as the audience feels like they’re solving a problem alongside the cast, they’ll go along with most anything. This does not include lackluster acting and an overly formulaic approach to storytelling…